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Winter Bookish Blog Hop – Best blogger, author, publishing event you’ve been to?

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Today’s topic : best blogger, author or publishing event we’ve attended!

I have two author events that are tied for the number one spot: that time I had afternoon tea with Jodi Taylor, and that other time I had cocktails with Markus Zusak.

20181027_170727-014325181884551786495.jpegI’ve met Jodi quite a few times, she knows me as the ‘girl with ears’ (long story), and she is just one of the funniest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. I discovered her first book Just One Damn Thing After Another by accident, but it is now one of my favourite books of all time. Every time I’ve met Jodi, I’ve had a great time, but last year, I joined her and her agent, Hazel, for afternoon tea, and it was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a long time! We all had such a laugh! Check out Jodi’s books here!

screenshot_20191229-203659_twitter129109606660501378.jpgI got to meet Markus Zusak thanks to a Waterstones competition. Anyone who knows me know how much I love The Book Thief, so when I got the email that I had won not only the opportunity to attend a Bridge of Clay launch event in London, but also the chance to hang out with Markus before hand, I think I nearly fainted! It was a brilliant evening, and not at all what I was expecting! I honestly thought I’d get to say hi, ask a couple of questions, and get sent on my way… But I got to sit down with Markus and a few friends and collegues at a bar and have cocktails! We talked about quite a lot of stuff, but I was on such an excitement high ( and quite a bit of gin) that I can’t even remember it all! He also signed my very prized, beat up copy of The Book Thief! And I got a hug from his dad! Aaaaaand I got to stay at a five star hotel in Baker Street afterwards!

And yes, I am wearing the same top in both photos. Yes, both events happened months apart. Yes, I own other items of clothing. Honest.

Here’s what our bookish friends had to say

Erica Robyn at Erica Robyn ReadsErica Robyn Headshot

Hands down, the best author event that I have been to was at a lovely old theater in Somerville, Massachusetts this past October. The event was part of Joe Hill’s tour for Full Throttle… but he brought his dad- Stephen King. I never pass up an opportunity to go to a Joe Hill event because he is one of my top five favorite authors. But learning that Stephen King would be there?! Being a gal from Maine who has never been to a Stepen King event, I was ecstatic to attend this! I actually wrote a whole post about it. Feel free to check that out here!

Leslie and Felicia DayLeslie Conzatti at Upstream Writer

I have two major book events that I’ve been to that have left a lasting impression on me.

The first was actually the first real book event I ever attended–Brian Jacques himself came to do a book signing at a local Barnes and Noble! I was so excited because I had grown up reading my mom’s copies of Mossflower and Redwall, and then when I discovered that the library had the rest of the books, I would be checking them out at every available opportunity, so I was very familiar with his work and very excited. Also, I had  just received a shiny new copy of Bellmaker for my birthday, and I wanted him to sign it… But when it came down to it, Bellmaker went missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere. To make matters worse, the only Brian Jacques book I could find was the copy of Mossflower that had somehow lost its cover! Miserably, I brought it along. He talked to all of us kids, telling us stories about his travels, the places he’d been so far on the tour, and he even quoted the first page of Redwall entirely from memory! When it came time for all of us to get books signed, I took that battered and mangled Mossflower up to the table. 

Mr. Jacques looks at it, looks at me, and asks, “Is this yours?”

I muttered something about it belonging to my brother who was with me (certainly I didn’t want him to think that I would be so careless with such a precious book!!).

He signed his name on the exposed title page and remarked with a chuckle, “It looks like he’s been beating his enemies over the head with it!”

I’ll never forget the sound of his voice. What a delightful man.

The second experience, infinitely more satisfying, was when I actually made the trek out to a Powell’s Books more than 30 minutes away, JUST to meet Felicia Day and get a copy of her memoir, You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost). I convinced a friend to go with me, a mutual friend met us there, and we sat in that bookstore for FOUR HOURS, waiting our turn. 

While we waited, we chatted about book recommendations for each other, and I skimmed the first little bit of Felicia’s book so I’d have a sense of what I could talk about. I’d mostly just seen her in TV shows and stuff, plus the Geek & Sundry channels she ran on YouTube. The very first thing I saw in her book was that she was homeschooled (“for hippie reasons”, she says, “not God reasons”)–and there was my in. I was homeschooled too, you see (for “God reasons”, as it happened…), and I knew the homeschooler in her would recognize the homeschooler in me. So when it finally came to be my turn, I walked up to her, gave her my name to sign, and quickly said, “Always good to meet a fellow homeschooler.” She immediately lights up and goes “All right!” and freaking gives me a high five! We pose for a photo, I take my book… and you can bet I was squealing all the way home! (I’m getting giddy again just writing about it!) I read her book, and it was so much what my introverted, reclusive soul needed to hear, that I read it again with a high-lighter and just marked all the quotes that resonated with me. I even wrote a blog post about it, which you can read here: Felicia Day Is My Spirit Animal; Or, How I Learned To Stop Hiding And Embrace My Own Weird.

Tell us all about your favourite book related events in the comments! And check out Kali’s blog tomorrow for the next topic!

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  1. Mine was getting to meet and hang out with Madeleine Wickham aka Sophie Kinsella. She came to Rome to take part in a literary festival here in 2012. She was really nice and friendly.


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