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We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Programming for a Nano Update.



Things have been quite over at Bookworm Mummy’s HQ this November, and I thought I’d take a few minutes and step out of my writing cave for a bit of coffee, fresh air, and an update.

We’ve just passed the halfway point fellow Nano’s, and the end is neigh. We have now written more words than we have left to write. I hope that makes sense, my brain is a little foggy.

For the past 17 days, I’ve written, cried, drunk coffee. Sometimes, all three at once. I believe I have done other things too, such as eat, but to be honest, I don’t remember the details.

Anyway, today had been a day full of achievements! I hit my word target and a bit, and my total word count stands at 29,026 at the moment. I’m hoping to reach 30k by the end of the day.

I’ve also found out today that it’s pronounced Nah-Noh-Wreye-Moh. For years I’ve been saying Nah-Noh-Wree-Moh. My point is, make sure you add a pronunciation guide to your novel. It counts towards your final word count.

I’m feeling a little brave, so I’m going to share a few hundred words from A Crown of Moonlight too! Beware, it is completely unedited, and you must not judge me. For reals.

ACOM Cover

Daemyn Kalani woke with a start.

His room was dark, save for the few beams of moonlight filtering through the glass window. It was silent, almost too silent, which made his rasping breaths deafening by contrast.

His body tensed, overcome with panic, sweat dripping off his brow. He reached for the pendant around his neck, grasping it so tight it hurt. It felt ice cold, as it always did.

But something had changed. Something was wrong.  He could feel it swirling in the air, settling over the furniture, getting into his lungs.

He kicked off the sheets tangled around his legs and left the bed, going to stand by the narrow window looking out over his kingdom.

His kingdom.

  But for how long? A voice whispered.

He stared out at the vastness before him, as that feeling of dread, deep in the pit of his stomach, began to claw it’s way up, up through his throat, until it burst through his mouth in a scream.


His fist collided with the glass, and hairline fractures spread across the surface with the impact. He tightened his fist, pulled it back, and slammed it against the weakened glass again.

And again.

And until the window shattered, until his fingers were slick with blood, until the pain cursed through him and quelled that dread.

She was alive.

And she was here.

How is your nano going? Have you finished? (What are you, a word GOD??) Are you behind (Stop reading, and go write RIGHT THIS SECOND!!)

See you all again on the 1st December!

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