Pens At The Ready! Announcing My NaNoWriMo Project!


Hello Everyone!

It’s October 31st, so you know what that means! Well yes, it is Halloween, but that’s not what I mean. This year’s NaNoWriMo is hours away! Many, many years ago, I tried to do NaNo, but failed.  This year, I’m giving it another go! I’ve got my outline (most of it, anyway), I’ve got copious amounts of coffee, and I have accepted I will only get about 4 hours of sleep this November.

Let’s do this!

For some added accountability, I’ll be sharing my progress throughout the month! I’m going to start by sharing some details of my project!

ACOM Cover

A Crown of Moonlight
Genre: NA Fantasy

Small-town waitress Amelia Lowelle thought the hardest thing she’d ever had to do was get over the sudden death of her parents – until she discovers they were never her parents at all, but that she was adopted after being smuggled into our world, following the brutal murder of her mother.

Demetri Amkelan was only four years old when Prince Daemyn slaughtered his own sister, Queen Leto, in his attempt to seize the Arthemian crown. After years under Daemyn’s tyrannical rule, Demetri will risk anything to help the rebels overthrow him – including his life.

When the long presumed-dead Royal Adviser returns to Arthemia with a young woman he claims to be the long-lost Princess, not all the rebels are keen to put their kingdom’s fate in her hands. But as the only left with magic, Amelia is the only chance they have of defeating Daemyn. That is, if she lives long enough to master her newly discovered, volatile abilities.

But can Demetri and the rebels really trust an outsider with the fragile future their people? And is Amelia prepared to sacrifice everything for a kingdom in ruins?

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