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My BOOkish Blog Hop: Do You Consider Yourself a Fast or Slow Reader?


Today we’re asking:

Do you consider yourself a fast or slow reader?

Here’s what some of our fellow bookworms had to say!

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Casia Schreyer:

I’m definitely a fast reader and it drives my husband NUTS. I read Tommyknockers by Stephen King in under 24 hours. I can read most average length books (so 50-100k) in a single sitting of anywhere from 3-5 hours. I lose myself in books and I don’t come out until the book is done. I’ve cooked supper with a book open on the counter. I nursed with a kid in the crook of one arm and a book in the other hand. I actually had to stop reading when my kids were little because I’d lose track of time, and of them!

Leslie Conzatti

Leslie ConzattiI’m somewhat of a fast reader. I developed the habit of speed reading in college, since I had a lot of texts to cover in my studies and wanted to be able to get through them as fast as possible. Except for the fact that the faster I read, the less I retain. That worked well for studying, since I could read a lot of information, remember it long enough to pass the assignments and quizzes and stuff, and then move on to the next subject without overloading myself.

It doesn’t work as well for books though, since even when I skim I can absorb enough of the emotions of the book to enjoy it a whole lot, but as far as specific character introductions, details, and trivia–another fan tries to discuss their theories on a particular point and I’m like “Wait, did that happen in the book I literally just finished five minutes ago?”

Kim Jacque

Kim JacqueI used to pride myself on being a fast reader. But now, I’m not so sure. Perhaps, if I had an entirely clean and completely silent house, I might still be able to read quickly. But I have been a lot more picky about the books I read, since I started writing myself. I can tell when a plot point is far too obvious now, or when a character’s backstory is dumped in the middle of nowhere. If I am really into a book, I have to stay awake and read it until it’s done. I have only devoured two books like that this year; Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Brandy Potter

Brandy PotterOh I am a fast reader. Probably why I can reread books so often. I know that I read Tolkein every year and STILL find something new every time. I have done it for 26 years now. Then again, so could Christopher Lee. ( click here for reference). However I can get through 2 or 3 books a weekend. The only time I slow down is when I am listening to Audible because you have too. Still I enjoy the books that I read and I get lost in them. I will not put a book down until it is finished and audible irritates me because I can only listen in my car so I have to wait. Patience is virtue of which I have none 😉

Jo Linsdell

Jo Linsdell.pngI always think of myself as a slow reader. It can take me a week or more to finish a book as finding the time to read can be a struggle. I very rarely get to sit down and read a book cover to cover in the one sitting.  I also like to “get into” the book I’m reading. I want to soak it up and imagine the scene, not rush through it. That said, if the action is good, my reading pace gets quicker.

See yah next time!

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2 thoughts on “My BOOkish Blog Hop: Do You Consider Yourself a Fast or Slow Reader?”

  1. I love learning reading habits from other bookworms ♥ I think I am a fast AND slow reader depending on the book. Some books are light and great for fast reading; other require you to think and really work your way through them. I would say that the more I love a book the faster I devour it.


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