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My BOOkish Blog Hop: What is Your Bad Book Habit?


Cracked spines, dogeared pages, scribbling and highlighting.

Did that sentence make you wince? You are not alone, book lover! There are some atrocious bad book habits out there (there is a special place in hell reserved for people who write in books, just sayin’), and we are all guilty of at least one!

I will never, ever deface a book, but I do have a few book and reading bad habits I’m not proud of… As I mentioned yesterday, book buying when I already have way more than enough is one. Especially when they end up sitting there, sad and unread, for years, despite how much I just had to buy it right this second! Another bad habit I have is biting my nails when I’m reading. I stopped nail biting a few years ago, and I’ve been doing well so far, except when I pick up a book! It’s like I never stopped! Weird, right?

Today we’re asking:

What is your bad book habit?

Here’s what some of our fellow bookworms had to say!

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Leslie Conzatti

Leslie ConzattiBy far my worst habit is just getting books and being all gung-ho and excited to have them… and then just never getting around to reading them. Case in Point: I have 2 books on my nightstand in particular, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, which I bought at a used book sale at my local library, and Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks, which was given to me by a friend.

I was very excited to have both these books. At the time I received them, I wasn’t actively reading much, so it was a perfect opportunity to tell myself I didn’t have to go to the library until I finished these books I already had in my possession. I got about halfway through both of them… And then I went and placed a bunch of holds on various books, and when I stopped by the library to pick up a few of them, I found other books too that I’d been wanting to read, and so 2 holds became 4 checkouts and then I finished two, but then 2 more holds came in… And those two books are still on the nightstand. And since then I’ve bought a couple more books from the library book sale, and who knows when I’m ever going to get around to reading those…

Not necessarily a vice, I know… but it’s definitely a bad habit to amass a collection of books, especially library books, and essentially hold them hostage until I finally get my act together and read them!

Brandy Potter –

Brandy PotterMy worst book habit is that I leave them on the table when I am finished. Then my two lovely cats come and sleep on them, or knock them off the table or cough hairballs on them…. Cats and books not such a great combo!

I love them. I really do 🙂


Jo Linsdell at

Jo Linsdell 2018 SeptI have a love-hate relationship with my TBR. I get all these amazing books and then they sit there on my shelf for ages before I get round to reading them, and in the meantime I add more.

I get all excited when I get a new book, but then feel guilty about the books already on my TBR that haven’t gotten round to yet. My biggest problem is that I want to read ALL the books but just don’t have enough time to do it.

Another bad book habit I have is to just put my books randomly on my shelves. There is no order to my book shelves. This is something I always say I need to organise but somehow never get round to doing. Sometimes finding the title I’m looking for can be a struggle.

Laura Morningstar

bbh day 12.pngMy own bad book habit is ignoring the world when I am reading. My phone can ring, partner try and get my attention even the smoke alarm can go off and it doesn’t matter. I am enthralled in my own little world and nothing (outside of the kids) will disturb me. In all honesty I don’t think it is a bad habit but according to everyone else it is.

The bad book habit that I think is the worst in the world and makes me hopping mad, is people who mark their place by turning the corner of the page! Why? Why do that? I think it is rude, impolite and disrespectful to the book. It really really infuriates me. For goodness sake people buy a bookmark, use an old receipt, even a clean bit of tissue but please please stop turning down the corners of books.

See yah next time!

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6 thoughts on “My BOOkish Blog Hop: What is Your Bad Book Habit?”

  1. I buy a book, then go to the library and take out six. I read those, forgetting about the book I just bought. Those bought books sit unread for a year or two and forgotten. I’m like that. I never deface books. I see them as treasures, gems, hidden worlds, collector’s items. I just have to have them. Kindle isn’t the same but I have over 400 books in that and some I haven’t read in three years. Yep, I’m bad.

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    1. I always forget to check if a book I want to read is available at the library before I buy it… I really need to work on this!

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