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My BOOkish Blog Hop: Do you have book buying bans for yourself?


I’ve always kinda known book hoarding was a problem of mine… But it wasn’t until I started packing them up for a house move that I actually realised just how much of a problem it actually is. Guys, seven boxes later, and I’m still not done. Seven boxes of books and counting!

I’ve been under self imposed book-buying bans before, but I’ll be honest with you, my self control (shelf control?) is… kinda pathetic. I think the longest I’ve lasted was three months. And then I went to YALC this summer and bought about five months worth of books so……


Today we’re asking:

Do you have book buying bans for yourself?

Here’s what some of our fellow bookworms had to say! Do you have book bans? Do you have any tips on honouring said book bans?

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Casia Schreyer:

deadpool costumeMy husband has a semi-strict ban on books coming into the house. I can buy books for the kids from the school book orders, and I can buy paperbacks by local authors or to complete a set I already have started. Everything else is supposed to be e-books now. I can buy all the books I want so long as their on my phone or computer. He’s refusing to build another bookshelf so when it’s full, I’m done. (Or I need to move to a new house and get him to build a bigger bookshelf there!

Brandy Potter –

Brandy PotterYes I do. They are self imposed too so yay my sense of self control! (Wow that was a little Fight Clubish ahahah) I am not allowed to buy a book that I have not read at least twice. By read I mean listened to on Audible or borrowed from the Kindle Library. I have to use my subscriptions first. Then I have to attempt to find the book for free or at a Thrift Store. If I can’t do that, then I try a bookstore first. Finally, I can use Amazon. Why the process? Well I have an entire box of books that I bought thinking I would like them that are awful. I have had this box for a few years now because I keep saying I am going to force my way through them. Therefore my family has said, no more wasting money on books you aren’t going to read. My husband has expanded that to free ones too. I also like to support bookstores before Amazon.

Jo Linsdell at

Jo Linsdell.pngI need to give myself book buying bans. My TBR has a habit of getting out of control, and so every so often I make myself promise not to buy any more books until I get through at least some of the ones sitting on my TBR.

I also ban myself from requesting any more new titles on Net Galley sometimes. It’s easy to create a backlog of titles on Net Galley and so to stop mine getting too out of control, once I get to 10 books on my TBR I ban myself from getting any more until I have it back down to at least half that. Helps keep my rating percentage on site looking good too.

See yah next tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “My BOOkish Blog Hop: Do you have book buying bans for yourself?”

  1. So, moving across the country with fifteen boxes of books was a nightmare in 2011. In 2014, my fiancee said no keep those books at dads. I’ve bought maybe twenty books since 2014. I’ve got 400 Kindle e books and I borrow 6-8 books every two weeks from the library. I read them all. I’m crazy. I’m not allowed to buy print books so I buy ebooks and stack them in my iPad. It’s great.

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    1. Woah, 20 Books in four years! That’s inpressive! I’ve been trying to get better at getting books from the library instead of buying them, but it’s a work in progress! Getting the BorrowBox app has definately helped though!

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      1. I can’t. He will have a fit. I only buy books I love in print. I want to buy the Sandman Slim series because I just love it.!

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  2. I love the E-reader thing, but being night blind, the light can really give me a migraine. Plus I tend to read in the tub… only place children and pets don’t follow.


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