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My BOOkish Blog Hop: Most inspirational book you’ve read this year?


It’s day four of the BOOkish Blog Hop, and today we’re talking about inspirational books! We’ve all read a book that has inspired us in some shape or form… So today we’re asking:

What is the most inspirational book, fiction or non-fiction, you’ve read this year?

Carry on reading to find out what has inspired some of our fellow book bloggers this year, and maybe find a little inspiration yourself! Keep an eye on the schedule to check out future posts!

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Leslie Conzatti at

Leslie Conzatti

This year’s “Most Inspirational Book” probably goes to The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman. I first heard of it about a year ago, and the cover definitely looked pretty–and hey, it’s got the word “Library” in the title, and that’s just about my favorite thing, so how could this go wrong? I finally found it on the shelf of my local library and snapped it up. It was AMAZING! It uses fantasy and magical peril to reinforce pretty much everything about literature that stokes my passion for it! A secret order of “librarians”, coupled with a multiverse concept that basically says that if certain editions of books end up in the wrong alternate universe, it affects magic and chaos ensues–so these Librarians have to retrieve the special copies of books (in the first one it’s a version of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that have a few extra tales added in!) and return them to the Library to restore order. It’s FANTASTIC and I love the characters! And it definitely inspired me to write more and invest in good, quality literature that will stand the test of time.

Kim Jacque at

Kim JacqueFor me, the most inspirational book this year has been Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott. If you are currently writing a story, this book is not so much a practical how-to-write guide as a how to live guide. Lamott lets us know that even the great writers hear the stream of negative thoughts. And yet, they do it anyway for the joy of creating and use the pain as their strength and to fuel their stories.

In fiction books, The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah whisked me out of my house and in to homesteading life in rugged Alaska in the 1970’s. The detailed settings evoke the danger and intrigue of volatile characters and long, dark winter nights. This book definitely inspired me to write honestly, even if it hurts.

Jo Linsdell at

Jo Linsdell.pngMy most inspirational read of the year so far is probably Dream, Think, & Live BIG by Stellan Moreira. This was a quick read about embracing the successful mindset. A little repetitive at times but with a solid, positive message. I felt motivated after reading it, which is one of the main goals of a book like this so it’s fair to say it did the job.

Favourite quote “We are in control. If we choose to be”.


About the book:

Utilize Dream, Think, and Live BIG as a tool to help you wire your mind to conquer adversity, overcome resistance, achieve true success, and unleash your inner-creative genius.

What if…

  • What if you could completely transform the current state of your life?
  • What if you could rewire your mind to live, breathe, and focus on nothing other true fulfillment and achievement, and set goals that could change the entire direction of your life?
  • What if you could radically improve every aspect of your life: relationships, business, happiness, and health?
  • What if you could unleash your inner-creative genius, and create ideas that can transform the world?
  • What if you could defeat Resistance, the inner-voice inside us that keeps us from unleashing our creativity and true potential, to implement the ideas you have in your mind, and achieve great success with them?
  • What if you could absorb all the negativity in your life, and transform them into positives?
  • What if you could become the absolute best possible version of yourself?

Good news…

This book is filled with the proper information, motivation, and guidance that will not only allow you, but push you towards becoming the absolute best possible version of yourself. Not only this, but this book will instill in you a sense of inspiration: one that will prompt you towards completely altering and improving the current state of your life. One that will push you to set goals, and place consistent effort to achieve them. One that will allow you to unleash your inner-creative genius, and create ideas that could change the world. Read this book, and genuinely implement what it teaches, and I can guarantee your life will consist of nothing other than true happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Laura Morningstar at

BBH day 4.pngFor me the book that fits most inspirational at this point of the year is The Pain Companion by Sarah Anne Shockley. After years of struggling to live with my chronic pain this book came as a welcome relief. The most powerful thing about this book in my opinion is that it focuses overcoming pain rather than curing. For many chronic pain sufferers the cause of the pain they struggle with is often misunderstood. So when books focus on ‘curing’ pain they can feel unrealistic. With The Pain Companion the goal is to grow to your accept your chronic pain as part of your life, and then work through the emotional, physical and lifestyle challenges it presents.

Sarah Anne Shockley uses the principles to live with and overcome her own chronic pain, and this is clear. She shows a level of understanding that many people do not have on how debilitating pain is. The practical meditative exercises presented throughout are designed to help the chronic pain sufferer to reach this acceptance and to assist them to manage their daily pain struggles.

About the Book:

Where do you turn when medication and medical treatments do not relieve persistent, debilitating pain? What can you do when pain interferes with work, family, and social life and you no longer feel like the person you used to be? Relying on firsthand experience with severe nerve pain, author Sarah Anne Shockley accompanies you on your journey through pain and offers compassionate, practical advice to ease difficult emotions and address lifestyle challenges. Her approach helps reduce the toll that living in pain takes on relationships, self-image, and well-being while cultivating greater ease and resilience on a daily basis. Dozens of accessible, uplifting practices guide you every step of the way from a life overcome by pain to a life of greater comfort and peace. The Pain Companion also offers profound insights for medical practitioners and invaluable guidance for anyone who loves or cares for others in pain.

See you all again tomorrow!

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  1. I honestly haven’t read anything “spiritually” motivating, but reading my favorite stories over and over is helping with the new book. Just didn’t feel that counted though 🙂


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