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The One by John Marrs

The OneTitle: The One
Author: John Marrs
Release Date: 26th January 2017
Bookworm Rating: TWO.png        
Pages: 386
Reading Time: 6-7 Hours

A decade after scientists discovered that everyone’s DNA contains one gene they share with only one other person, millions have taken the test to find their genetic soul mates.
With a single swab, five people’s lives are about to change as they find the one person they are meant to be with… And uncover shocking, deadly, secrets.

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The One by John Marrs presents a near future where internet dating has evolved from mundane personality quizzes and finger swipes to actual, match making science. promises to find you your soulmate through your own DNA. It can’t get anymore accurate than that, now can it? But the course of true love never did run smooth, as they say, so what if, even when it’s a scientific fact, your soulmate isn’t… Right for you?

I thought that was an interesting premise, despite the fact that the term DNA match couples made me think of incest, but I found that the execution was rather lacking.

The thing is, I never felt invested in the main characters, and their voices never felt very distinctive. They were all quite bland, so I honestly didn’t really care what happened to them. Most constantly made stupid decisions that made no sense. Their stories moved along predictably, and I found the ‘twists’ underwhelming and unsurprising. The mechanics behind the DNA matching weren’t as impressive as I was expecting, either.

I found the writing itself unremarkable, and the pacing was slow. I would not describe this as a thriller at all. There were some passages, especially in Christopher’s chapters, that kept being repeated, almost word for word, for no reason I could discern, which annoyed me. The stories were all very isolated, and there was never any interaction between the main characters, not even minor ones, to stitch the book together a little more. I mean, one of the plots involves a serial killer, yet no mention, not even peripherally,  is made of it in any of the other stories, not that I can remember. It just felt like the book was made up of random stories bundled together under the same subject.

Readers who enjoy slower paced action and complicated romantic entanglements might find The One to be right up their street, however, if you’re looking for a mind bending psychological thriller, perhaps you might want to look somewhere else.

TL,DR: An interesting premise that is poorly executed, filled with lackluster characters and bland, predictable twists.

*I received this ARC free from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review*

1 thought on “The One by John Marrs”

  1. I know what you mean by not feeling invested. I started reading a book (from netgalley), and gave up after the third page because I felt the main character was so boring, that type of book that would have been so much better if it was written on the first person. Ergh!
    But the One has a good premise, it would for sure be a book I would love to read, but your review makes me want to pass onto another…


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